Sol-Ark HomeGrid Combination

Unleash the full power of your solar with intelligent control and reliable backup.


Sol-Ark smart panels provide real-time monitoring and control over your solar energy use. Track production, analyze consumption, and optimize energy usage to get the most out of your solar panels.

Self-Sufficiency & Backup Power

The HomeGrid battery storage seamlessly integrates with Sol-Ark panels. Store excess solar energy during peak production and use it later to reduce reliance on the grid and achieve greater self-sufficiency. This combined system also provides reliable backup power in case of outages.
Homegrid Sol-Ark Combo

Rooftop Solar

Drone view of house with Telsa Solar Roofing
We offer a variety of high-efficiency panels to perfectly match your roof size and energy requirements.

Sol-Ark Inverters

Sol-Ark HimeGrid Combo
Sol-Ark technology combined with the latest HomeGrid storage options ensure reliable energy when you need it.


Home solar backup battery system
Take control of your energy future with a seamless solar and storage solution for home or business.
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